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What I love about the way Thor’s hand automatically goes to Loki’s waist is that I think of what it must mean that he has an instinct like that, how many times Thor must have had Loki come flying at him or trip onto him or get thrown at him and, just like breathing, Thor’s reflex is to reach out and catch him.

Even Loki running at Thor to stab him in the gut can’t stop Thor’s instinct to save and keep Loki safe, YOU CANNOT TAKE THIS HEADCANON FROM ME, SHUT UP.

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What I’ve Learned:
1. A girl can lose feelings for you over night.
2. A kiss can be just that, a kiss. Completely meaningless.
3. Love can be one sided but I still wonder if that is love at all
4. Never beg for someone to stay or to love you. You shouldn’t have to beg for someone to be a part of your life or to love you. You deserve better than that.
5. Stop breaking your ribs to make space for those who do not belong there.
6. Learning to breathe again is harder than the doctors said it would be.
7. I don’t know what hurts more at night; being alone or being in love.
8. Laying with someone in bed at night is temporary. It won’t get rid of the lonely. You will still wake up and leave in the morning with a heavy heart and no hand to hold.
9. Sometimes the sky rains gasoline instead of water and you have to be strong enough and ignore the urge to set yourself on fire.
10. I will be okay someday. Bad things happen for no reason sometimes and things end but that shouldn’t mean you should come to an end too. The ocean will always have waves; I just have to learn to swim through them for a bit longer.
11. The stretch marks I left on my mother from birth will not be another suicide letter I never finished.

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there’s a huge difference between “let people do what they choose with their bodies” and “let those 12 year olds have irresponsible sex”

its been 2 days and this has like 50k notes and i’ve only received like 5 hate messages about this u go tumblr u growin up

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